Tell me your troubles and doubts, giving me everything inside and out

July 19, 2012

Dear World,

So I’m 20 now.  Two decades.  I haven’t had that drastic feeling that overcame me when I turned 19, but I am still loving it regardless!

Garrett and I spent 5 days in Nova Scotia.  Canada is weird/friendly/hilarious all at the same time.  I actually grew comfortable with kilometers, and I didn’t get carded once (slightly disappointed on the latter as I was totally legal). We hiked, swam, camped, and got drunk at bars and it was the coolest vacation I have ever been on with my favorite guy!






I also did some roommate bonding with my two amazing friends Gabby and Ashley.  We’ll be living in an apartment-style dorm together next year (until I study abroad) and we decided to celebrate the summer by staying in Gabby’s beach house on Martha’s Vineyard for 5 days.  We soaked up the sun, ate amazing seafood, and drank so much Mike’s Hard and Wine I’m embarrassed to even admit how much.  




After that, I spent a night at Garrett’s before I was to head home… and he contracted the stomach bug from one of his roommates.  I spent the whole next day and night taking care of him and then departed for home as I was needed to do that thing you do where you make lousy pay… oh job!  Yes a job!  So then I was on shift for the night and felt weird but tried to push it out of my mind but alas I could not.  I left early, came home, and to spare you (most) of the gruesome details, I vomited ALL night long.  It was NOT pleasant.  I have spent the last few days recovering and today I was even able to go to the gym and shopping.  I am back to my regular work schedule as of tomorrow.

I have the annual family camping trip to look forward to, as well as other small adventures here and there before I move back to Boston and assume my position as  JUNIOR IN COLLEGE.  Holy hell.  Breath. Breath.

Okay, time for nextflix!





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