Country road, take me home

June 6, 2012

Dear World,

Since being home for summer vacation:

I have applied to many jobs, and have received one.

I’m an ice cream scooper/ dish washer/ cleaner/ really muscular right-armed girl now!

I have reunited with old friends and celebrated being young.

My boyfriend has visited multiple times.

I am going to pause right there.  I called him my boyfriend and I’m not freaked out about it.  We cook together, we play together, we laugh together, we tease each other.  I promise we’re not a gross annoying couple that participates in over the top PDA.  Don’t you worry, I’m still the same girl that I’ve always been! It is just that sometimes someone comes along and they change the way you look at everything, and they make you a better person. I am more independent if that is at all possible and I look at the world with even more optimism and love than I ever did before.

I guess I’ll introduce you to him now.

This is Garrett, and yes, he is wearing a vest that we found while adventuring in a Goodwill.


this is him sleeping with his ray bans on


Moving on, because I do like to keep my personal life a bit of a mystery even if this is a personal blog that I’m sure no one reads…

I’m planning a few adventures for the summer:

Garrett and I are going to Nova Scotia at the end of the month into my birthday (turning 20, holy hell)!

Hopefully a trip to NYC.  I’ve never been and I’d love to make a weekend of it with my mum!

And basically any and all other adventures that I can get my hands on.

I just ordered the Canon Rebel xs so I plan on documenting the hell out of each and every one of my trips!

Cheers, xoxo




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