Dear World,

It’s official, I am on summer vacation. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.

So let’s see:

I’m half way through college (um excuse me, how did this happen?).

I received straight A’s for the semester.

I had the best year ever, seriously no exaggeration.

I learned a lot about myself.

I learned a lot about others.

I fell in love with some classes, and hate with others.

I became even more independent (if that is possible).

I found a boy that caught my eye,

Said boy had someone else and I tried with all of my feminism and gumption to get over him.

The previous statement was a failure as much as I tried to hide it.

Him and the past girl were done.

We found each other again.

We connected.

We watched the office.

He made me laugh.

The rest is history.

I have so much I could say on the such as the fact that I feel more free when I am with him, he is soooo tall, he is so handsome, he cares about music so much, he cares about food just as equally, etc, etc.

He also just texted me.

He’s living in Boston for the summer while I’m in Maine.

He’s visiting Monday and meeting my parents.

I have never had a real boyfriend let alone introduced my parents to a boy so I think they are just happy that I am not a cat lady (but who am I kidding I’ll always be a cat lady).

I am not going back to the bank job.

I need sunshine and happy people.

I’m applying to restaurants and ice cream places.

Laugh all you want I need to be running around and making people happy.

I am not going to Dublin anymore, I am going to Florence because I need a real cultural wake up call and I’ll be able to travel throughout Europe easier and I’ll still be going to Dublin for St. Patrick’s day!

I changed my room from the small one up stairs I have had all my life to my brother’s old room downstairs.

It is bigger and I love the way it has turned out!

I have so much more to say but I think I am going to read a book.