And if we started all over today, I think we know that we’d end up in the same place

March 17, 2012

Dear World,

My, my, my, where on Earth do I begin?!  Well firstly HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY!  The Irish in me has been full blown this weekend!

I’m writing to you from my bed at 8:00 am as I was very drunk last night and can only sleep for a few hours at a time when I have alcohol in me.

Last night we went to a friends birthday party/general party and that was an adventure as per usual, and I know tonight will be nothing short of interesting as well.

School has been well, I still love most of my classes, and time and time again my gender studies class proves to be my favorite thing ever.

The boy broke up with his girlfriend… and I saw him at a party and he asked for my number and we text every so often.  I’m constantly reminding myself that my life is fun and beautiful with or without him.  I’ve been asked on a few “dates” from guys I’m not interested in so they didn’t occur…

I’m getting more and more excited for Dublin next year… seriously Europe get ready for me!

Spring break went well.  It was nice having a week off and I needed to be home, but by the end of it I was so ready to be back here.

I’ve been running more and more and feeling better than ever.

Spring is coming, the weather is changing, and life is so good even if there are bumps along the way!





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