In many ways, they’ll miss the good old days, someday, someday

February 13, 2012

Dear World,

I really ought to be studying for a world history exam that I have tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. but for my own health and sanity I decided I need to blog.

Being back at school has been great.  I’ve been back one month tomorrow and let me tell you it has been nothing short of a crazy adventure- as always.

I enjoy my classes a lot- especially my Women Studies class.  For the most part my professors are great, save my crazy world history professor (hence why I feel no shame putting off studying).  I am officially declared as a Global Studies major and a Women and Gender Studies minor.

I’ve barely seen THAT boy and I think it has been for my own benefit.  He’s never at parties, I haven’t been to his apartment or really seen much of his friends around.  OH EXCEPT GET THIS- his girlfriend is in my nutrition class.  CLASSIC.  She seems nice… in a sassy diva way, but hey whatever floats your boat.

I’ve been enjoying going other places with my girls, getting closer to people in my own grade, and creating memories and unforgettable (drunken) weekends.  

There have been bumps along the way.  Sometimes it feels like you can never have along time in college so for my own sanity I’ve taken a few walks/ shopping trips alone.  A couple of friends and I went on a ski trip to Vermont which was amazing.  There has also been flirting and crushes, and I feel bad when I don’t reciprocate feelings and hate when I seem like the bad guy.  But I don’t hate myself for having weird standards or a type- it’s who I am and I probably won’t change.

I am planning to study abroad in Dublin, Ireland spring semester of 2013 and I am so excited.  I was born for travel, call it a bad case of wanderlust.


All in all Boston has been treating me well.  I miss home and my mum and dad but being there for a whole month made me need to come back here.  I go home in three weeks for spring break anyways.

I suppose I should go and cram historic events of the world into my brain.





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