Dear World,

The start of 2012 has been that of a splendid one.  Yes, I am in fact nineteen and just used the word splendid…

So New Years Eve my best friend Jessika and I went to our friend Alex’s with some other friends and rang in the new year the only way it should be rung in, drunk, singing and food everywhere.  We played card games with her parents and the other adults, played pool, played drinking games and laughed and reminisced on times from high school.  It was perfect.

Life is always funny though, ya know?  I was hit on the entire night by the most obnoxious guy ever.  He’s two years older, graduated from the same high school, and I’m sure deep down there’s a good person inside of him.  Sure he can be smart and funny, but most of the time he’s a royal pain in everyone’s ass.  The last person on earth I’d ever consider is the one showing me all this attention.  There are only so many polite ways to say “get away from me” before you just have to give up and avoid someone all together.  Thanks goodness he goes to school in Canada!

I am not fretting on this year.  Not that I am fretting person.  I’ve always been positive, optimistic, happy and excited for all aspects of my life.  This year will just be as amazing as 2011 was because it is all what you make of it.  I go to the gym daily, and I eat healthy and respect my body and all that good stuff so resolutions for me aren’t that common.  Last year it was so go to more concerts, and I did!  This year it is to say yes to every adventure that presents itself, as long as it is within my budget.  Part of my resolution is by finding solutions for that and doing it no matter what.

Which brings me into my next set of news.  So Jessika and I have decided to do a work exchange this summer in, wait for it… HAWAII.  Yeah, so basically there is this program where we’d work at an inn and in exchange for our labour we would have room and food.  Yeah I wouldn’t be making money per say, but you only live once and I need more adventures.  We are waiting for the confirmation email since we’ve sent in our resumes, so now it is just booking the plane tickets and then it is completely official.  We’d be gone from the time we get out of school, mid May to the end of August- 3 and a half months!  The best part?  I’d be celebrating my 20th birthday in Hawaii which is not too shabby if you ask me!  I think this will be great experience for me.  In a year I’ll be studying abroad in Ireland for a semester and I need a feel of what it is like to be far away.  Sure I go to school in Boston which is 2 1/5 hours away, but I need to be somewhere that will allow me to truly learn from myself, stretch my wings, broaden my horizons and all that stuff.

Here’s to new adventures!