And then the beat comes, and then she’s moving on the dance floor, and I wonder what she’s running from

December 27, 2011

Dear World,

With 2011 coming to an end I knew I had to dedicate a post to reminiscing.  New Years eve is my favorite holiday.  It’s as if the hype of Christmas hasn’t yet died and you get this fresh start to look forward to.  

My title is always in reference to a song lyric and I chose to end the year with Ben Rector’s The Beat. I have been introduced to some amazing bands and artists this year including Horse Feathers, Griffin House, The Temper Trap, Rachel Platten, etc.  but I have been listening to Ben Rector non stop since I first discovered him on Pandora during finals week.  He helped me through my papers and The Beat has won the prestigious title of summing up my experiences this year.

2011 has been amazing to say the least.  Second semester of freshman year got significantly better.  Once I stopped hanging out with debbie downers and started hanging out with the people I now call my best friends, school life and life in general became more fun.  I began drinking alcohol the beginning od 2011, and no, I’m not saying it made my life better, but I learned to let loose, be young, and have fun!  Summer was more than I could ask for.  I worked full time at a bank (ew, never again) BUT I did make good money and met some fantastic people.  I turned 19, and it is a fantastic age for me.  I wish I could stay 19 forever.  I did a lot of hiking and running (Jess and I did Washington for the second time).    My first semester of sophomore year in college was phenomenal.  I got closer to the girls who, with myself included, affectionately call ourselves the six chicks (in a harmless way of course).  I took classes that interested and challenged me, and had some great (and not so great) times on the weekends.  It was an absolute amazing learning experience, one that I would not trade for the world.  My adjustment in my second year of university is that of a milestone and now school is home for me.  

So the year had its ups and downs, as one naturally does, but it was filled with mostly ups.  I kissed a few frogs (metaphorically speaking), didn’t meet my prince (who needs one anyway?  I’m having so much fun being single, as per usual), and met people that have forever changed my life.  Yes, there was a boy who I thought was the game changer.  In the end, he had someone else, and just wanted his cake and to eat it too.  Regardless, I will continue to be his friend (or peer, or fellow party go-er) or whatever we are in each other’s lives, and I truly wish him nothing but the best.

As for me?  Well 2012 has a lot of fantastic things in store for me.  I’ll officially declare myself as a Global Studies major and Gender studies minor, I will finish my sophomore year of college and be halfway done (gasp!), I’ll turn 20, another good number, I’ll be taking french classes, getting a job fingers crossed) at a restaurant or something of the sort, continuing to hike and run, apply in the fall to study abroad in Dublin, Ireland spring of 2013, begin my first semester of junior year, and SO mcuh more. 

When I look back at the beginning of this blog, in September of 2008. as a junior in high school, and look at myself now, as a second semester sophomore in college with 2012 about to commence, I realize how much of a lesson life is.  I continue to grow and learn each day, and always for the better. I am really starting to find out who I am, and will continue to for the rest of my life.

Ultimately what matters is family, friends, and a love for oneself.  The rest will fall into place, it always does. 

So I say my farewells to 2011, you were a hell of a year my friend!  Cheers! xoxo





2 Responses to “And then the beat comes, and then she’s moving on the dance floor, and I wonder what she’s running from”

  1. Here’s to your next semester. Sounds like you’ve got a lot done and you’re only a sophomore. Coming from a senior, I’m totally jealous haha.

    Isn’t it weird how school becomes Home and when you’re at your home you feel like you should be at school or you’re on this long, extended vacation? I’ve never gotten over that transitioning, constant state of flux thing.

  2. sheashea said

    Thanks so much! It truly is a constant state of flux, something I don’t think I’ll ever get used to. I’ve learned to sort of go with the flow and enjoy these “unique” years as I like to refer to them. No longer in high school but not quite on the adult world. We get to figure out ourselves and who we want to be.

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