Dear World,

Holy hell! I have a blog? I suppose you wouldn’t know it by just looking at it.  My sincerest of apologies, but I have a tumblr, and I mean c’mon, I gotta stay hip with the cool kids.  It’s easier to update, but I’ll say it time and time again, this is the only safe place to vent and write.

So… this is awkward, I feel like we’ve grown apart.  How the hell are ya?  Me?  I’m excellent.  Yes,  excellent.  Remember how last year I was incredibly homesick and hated my college and blah blah blah?  WELL- life has done a complete 180.  I LOVE it here now.  I’m with the right friends, I have a shitload of homework (what can you do?) and I’m incredibly busy and having fun.  I love home dearly, but it is rarely on my mind.  Life is very very swell at the moment, very swell.

Summer was nice.  I worked at lot (perhaps too much?)  drank a lot (see former parenthesis) and did a lot of running and hiking.  The age of 19 completely agrees with me. I feel happy and healthy and this summer was the beginning of a lot of changes.  I made bank (at the bank) and made that corny pun too many times.  But I’ve come to realize that I’ve only got this one life, and and even shorter time to be young, so while I hope to go back next summer and work part time, I think I’ll be taking classes in either French or Italian at some community college so that I can be even more prepared for studying abroad, and not working my life away.

Oh yeah- that’s another thing.  I haven’t officially declared, but I had a meeting with my advisor and I am a Global Studies major and a Women’s Studies minor.  Don’t laugh on that last part.  Everyone else already has.  I can take the heart- and no, I won’t make you a damn sandwich.

I’ll be studying abroad spring semester of my junior year (only a year and a half away) and I’ve narrowed it down to Europe (ha) and most likely going with London.  It may be status quo but I’ve felt like I am British at heart ever since Jane Austen came into my life.

I’m in that giddy stage of a collegiate’s life when they’re excited for what’s to come.  At the same time I’m up to my lashes in work and constantly thinking about what I have to do next.  C’est la vie…


I’ll update more, pinky swear.