Dear World,

So let’s see:  For the first month or so of vacation I hiked and drank and read and basked in the sun.


Two weeks ago I was hired as a summer teller at a bank.


I’m thankful for having a job, and let’s face it, the pay is awesome (making bank at the bank, badum chhh) but this job has only further proved my theory that I am not cut out for a “9-5” office job.  Never, nope, nuh ugh, hell no.  This is fine for the summer, but never again I tell you, never again.


Don’t get me wrong, I like the diverse mix of people; two 30 something mothers, two twenty something guys, and myself, but I miss being outside all day.





P.s. I’m 19 on Saturday. I think this age is going to suit me well.