Dear World,

No one is ever as they seem.  Guys are all the same.  Long story short, I will forever be a cat lady and I’m fine with it.  I refuse to get upset over anyone, especially because we never talked.  I’ll find a boy with a British accent and boat shoes and we’ll sail around the world.

I only have a few days left of school and last night a bunch of us went out dancing.  I needed it.  I am going to miss everyone so much.  The good news?  I’m not transferring!  I got into Northeastern but I love it here too much so I am staying put.  I am looking forward to hiking and biking and reading and just being outside, but I am so going to miss Boston and all of my college lovers.  This is my home now.

Oh universe, I ask for help and you have a funny way of giving it to me, but I am thankful none the less.