Free Falling

January 25, 2011

Dear World,

I’ve probably used those lyrics beforem in fact, I know I have, but that is literally what I feel I’m doing right now. 

Firstly, I FINALLY worked up the guts to tell my roommate and her boyfriend that they can’t keep fighting until 4:00 a.m. when I have an 8:00 a.m. and that he can only sleep over on weekends.  I have been the most tolerant roommate anyone could ask for, and enough is enough.  I am done being a door mat.

Secondly, I talked to my academic advisor about transferring.  I assured her that I wanted to stay in Boston, and that going to Northeastern and doing their co-op program would benefit my future.  She’s an awkward woman, but I got through it, and am one step closer to getting the hell out of here.  Fortunately, my best friend here wants to transfer as well, so I don’t feel as though I am completely abandoning her. 

I haven’t seen my roommate all day.  She’s been ignoring me.  We’re so close, but her being an only child she only thinks about herself.  That and the fact that she is super dependent on her boyfriend that it is unhealthy sickens me.  She can’t even do her goddam laundry by herself!

Whatever, this is my life, I’m going to start taking control of it!




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