Do you have to let it linger?

January 23, 2011

Dear World,

I’m back at college as of Tuesday and slowly getting into the swing of things.  My classes seem good and the professors as well.  Being at home for a month was exactly what I needed; a break from my monotonous collegiate routine.  Already though I miss my bed and my best friends.  My friends here aren’t like mine back home.  Back home they know my life, they know me.  This college is too small for me, I can’t wait to transfer- 5 minutes down the road.  I love Boston, I don’t like colleges that feel like high school.

Is it selfish to wish to only want to be around those that I love?  There are people here that are too fake for their own good.  Why should it matter that I have no interest in getting “smashed” on the weekends?  Is it a crime that I prefer to go to the North End and eat good food and listen to good music than go to a club?  My true friends love that about me… here they think it is a crime.  Don’t think I’m stuck up.  I love a good glass of wine or getting tipsy with my friends, but doing it with strangers is a whole different ball game.  I have no problem branching out a meeting new people, but these people are not my cup of tea, sans a few people I truly adore here.

I want to live in an apartment here in the city and study the world and people and the environment.  I want to be able to get a cup of tea by myself and work on a paper without anyone staring.  I want my campus to be bigger than seventeen measly acres.  I want out.  I’m so lucky to be getting the fantastic education that I am recieving here, and I won’t take it for granted, but I’m praying this semester goes by fast.  My GPA kicked ass last semester and I’ll do it again.  I can do this.




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