Dear World,

I’ve missed blogging.  I LOVE tumblr, but every now and then I’ve just got to let it all spill out onto a blog, ya know? 

So life has been pretty good.  In about two weeks I’ll be on winter break and I’m so excited to just sleep in my own bed and do nothing but watch movies all day and go ice skating with my loves and hang out with my mom!  To me, all of that is bliss, pure bliss.  I’ve already finished a presentation for my environmental class, and a research paper for international relations.  I’m almost done my environmental research paper and then I’M DONE!  Well, of course, I still have finals, but ofher than that I’ll be stress free!  These are the times when I’m so happy I’m not a bio or chem major, but question if global studies was a good choice.  I kid, I kid, who wouldn’t want to solve the middle east conflicts?

I’m going home this weekend to help pick out the Christmas tree (I’m such a 4 year old at heart) and do some Christmas shopping.  I just have to get through this week of classes and work and then I’ll be on the train home.  I hate to sound like I dislike college, I really don’t, I love it, but I want to be where there is snow and I need a break from these stressed out collegiats, haha.

I went to the Boston Common Tree Lighting on Thursday, and it was a lot of fun!  So many people in hats and scarves and dunkin donuts was given out free min hot chocolates.  Sigh, I love winter.

I must be going, I want to take some time to read (for pleasure) before my hectic week begins again tomorrow.