Look on the bright side of life

September 3, 2010

Dear World,

In 48 hours I will be in Boston.  In 48 hours I will be an official college student. In 48 hours a new chapter of my life will begin…


Yes… I am going to be a freshman again.  It feels like as soon as you make it to the top of the food chain, you’re dropped right down to the feeding grounds again.  But it’s college… so it’s better!  High school has started up in my town and I thought it would feel weird not going back.  But you know what?  I feel like I’ve paid my dues, I did my time of four years and now I get to be rewarded by having amazing adventures in my life and studying things that I want to study.  Life is good.

It’s funny to look back at the first few posts I posted on this blog.  They were about becoming a junior in high school and how my life was changing and I was beginning to look at colleges, etc.  That was almost two years ago!  Now my life has dramatically changed again, and in two days it will be completely different!

I’m so ready for this.  Goodbye small town. Goodbye best friends.  Goodbye high school and parents and sports teams and my bed and my pets and the comforts of home.  Goodbye past, HELLO FUTURE!




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