Bitter heart, bitter heart of mine

August 9, 2010

Dear World,

I present to you, Things I will miss when I leave for college: Part 2.

My best friends.  Some I have known since I’ve entered this world, others since junior high.  All I know is they are incredible people and I’m going to miss them, bucket loads.

  • I’ll miss having thousands of random sleepovers with Amy and Sara where we do nothing but watch disney movies and drive around aimlessly for the heck of it (whilst shouting at strangers that we love them as we whiz by).
  • Working out every morning with Jessika having the conversations that only we can have.
  • Going to free movies with Amster, buying candy at the convienant store because theatre candy costs an arm and a leg as well as your first born.
  • Making doll houses with Sara, I won’t attempt to elaborate…
  • Going bowling with the gang, even though I am a horrible bowler and no amount of practice will ever make perfect.
  • Hiking with the perfect group of random people.  It’s always more fun.
  • Going grocery shopping with A & S.  It may just be food shopping, but you’d be surprised at how easily entertained we can be.

There is a million more things I’ll miss.  When I come home, many of these things will pick up right where they left off.  But life changes, so I’m cherishing all the memories up until this point.




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