I’ve seen fire and I’ve seen rain

July 25, 2010

Dear World,

So as usual I have a couple of movies that I have fallen in love with.

First off:  Inception.  I mean c’mon!  The writer is an absolute GENUIS!  Literally, I was so happy that I had to follow the plot second by second in this film, it’s something that you don’t have to do much these days.  It required the audience to stay alert, and I love that.  Definitely epic, very epic.

I thought the casting was great, though Ellen Page will always be Juno to me.

I also rented ‘Remember Me’.  Can I please just say, ‘HOLY SH**’!  Paron zee French, but, um, I DIDN’T SEE THE ENDING COMING!  Did anyone else?  I did pick up little hints and started to piece things together, but I was sincerely speechless at the end.  No words.  It was amazing.  And Robert?  I have to give you some credit sir.  You convinced me that you ARE in fact an actor.  You are more than a vampire and for that I commend you.

^I loved that scene BEACOUP.




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