This is the first day of my life

July 20, 2010

Dear World,

Yesterday I got my wisdom teeth out, and… I SURVIVED!

^ That was just a few hours after the surgery.

Apparently I was very emotional after the procedure, telling the dentist I was very dissapointed in him, and I kept repeating to my dad that I hated him.  Sorry dad!  You know I love you!

So my cheeks aren’t too bad, and day two is a lot better.  No more bleeding, but my gums and jaw are still sore.  It’s tough to open my mouth and I’m still on meds and swishing with warm salt water every few hours.  I’ve been living off drinkable yogurt and soups, but it’s not all bad considering broccoli soup is one of my favorite things ever!

I guess I just miss running the most, I can’t wait until I can get back into it.

Phew, it’s all over, no more worries!  HAKUNA MATATA.




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