Right as rain

July 16, 2010

Dear World,

Ittttttttttttttt’s List Time!  Woop woop!

Things I’ve been loving lately:

-Running every morning with Jess

-driving aimlessly with friends to unknown destinations that always end up being amazing

-Summer, I love not being in high school anymore, I LOVE it

-www.gnoosic.com, seriously, I’ve discovered so many new artists, my itunes is blowin’ up

-making plans ie: to high Mount Katahdin, go on more road trips, go to more concerts, etc.

-eating good food, I mean quality, healthy, organic food

Awesome movies I’ve recently watched:

-The Greatest

-Good Will Hunting

-Sleepless in Seattle (but it wasn’t as AMAZING as I’d always imagined it would be

Things I’m looking forward to:

Actually hiking Mount Katahdin

-Possible concerts involving John Mayer and Train

-Spending a week in my beloved Boston

-College so I can actually live in my beloved Boston

-Meeting new people

Things I am nervous for:

– OK make that THING I AM NERVOUS FOR: getting my wisdom teeth out on Monday, you have no idea how scared I am…




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