I’m like a bird

June 27, 2010

Dear World,

My cat is currently sleeping on my bed and watching her reminds me that it really is a cat’s world.  You can think what you want, but they ALWAYS have the most comfortable spots, do nothing but sleep all day, and watch as we serve them day in and day out.  Now I really have the urge to go back in time and watch The Aristocats…

I leave for Florida in t minus 4 days, and I turn 18 in 6 days.  Oh dear, I’m about to become legal, you know what this means… I CAN FINALLY VOTE!  HUZZAH!  What?  Is there anything better to do?

Sometimes I have the complete  urge to delete my facebook.  D0n’t be silly, I would never ACTUALLY follow through with this crazy act, but sometimes I really do want to.  I have no interest in getting one million status updates on my newsfeed from the SAME person.  REALLY?  Facebook is so wonderous that you’d rather stay on it all day than enjoy a beautiful summer day?  OH VEY!  There are many people I will miss after I leave this town and head off to college world, but there are also a handful that I’d be ok with forgetten, but facebook won’t let me.  Double oy vey.

But alas, the beauty of social net working is that you get to creep ALL ZEE TIME.  I’d say I’m a profession creeper when I want to be.  No shame.




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