Dear World,

I CANNOT BELIEVE I FAILED TO MENTION IN MY PREVIOUS LIST THAT I WILL BE SEEING JACK JOHNSON CONCERT!  Yes, those caps were necessary!  I am seeing the beautiful Jack Johnson concert in July, and it’s right up there in the excitement level with Graduation, being 18, Florida, etc.   Jack’s new head of hair is almost as beautiful as his voice.  Creepy?  Eh, ya know.

Aside from that spectacular note, lacrosse and AP exams are distracting me from counting down the days until school will be over.  I believe I have about 24 school days left, and one month, 12 days until graduation!




My baby blue

April 25, 2010

Dear World,

One week ago I wrote to you from a frozen tundra.  Ok, that was a lie, I wrote to you as snow surrounded the trees outside my window… better?  Today I spent the entire 65 degree weather outside for my lacrosse tournament, and then came home and layed outside watching the clouds.  I’ll just let you ponder this for a moment.

Tomorrow is my last day of break.  I’d say I’m sad, but minus spending almost all of my waking moments on the lacrosse field, I had a pretty decent break.  Not only did I soak in the rays and finish numerous books I wanted to read, but I also made pottery (and painted it) and got to the Old Port, so I didn’t do too shabby.  This also means I’m another week close to graduation.  Amen.

Despite my obvious thrill for getting out of high school, I suppose I shall compose a list of things to look forward to, or just rather just things in my near future:

1) Prom, don’t care if I’m going single, I’ve got a killer dress and that’s all that matters!

2) AP exams, ok, ok, so I’m not looking forward to them, but they ARE in my near future.

3) Lacrosse, all day everday, but my team is KILLER and I’m thinking playoffs are in our future.

4) This teeny tiny thing called, um, GRADUATION!  2010 baby.

5)  College orientation meaning I get to go back to my beloved Boston!


7) 18th birthday in FLORIDA!

8 ) summer, enough said.



Dear World,

Something is terribly, terribly wrong… oh I think I know what it might be!  I am on Spring Break and I woke up this morning to find SNOW everywhere.  Granted it was not a lot and it should be melted within the next few days, but if this isn’t global warming warnings I don’t know what would be.  Yes, I may live in New England, but even this is a bit crazy for this region.  Just last week it was eighty something and I was outside on a blanket reading and soaking up the rays.  Oh mother nature, you!

So as previously stated, I’m on spring break, my last one of my high school career.  When I get back, I’ll have roughly six weeks to get through, and then I am a free woman!  I can hear the choirs singing!  Of course I have lacrosse practice every morning and tournaments to go to over this break, but hey, I’m getting tan!

So today, after waking up thinking I was punk’d seeing a confusing form of precipitation on the ground and then having practice, I came home and had a boring day.  I have to say this is the best boring day, because it has consisted of tea, netflix marathons and reading, so maybe this doesn’t qualify as boring, and more so relaxing.

Oh, as usual, I am getting more and more excited for college and just my future and general.  Six more weeks, six more weeks, six more weeks…



P.s. I ordered my prom dress today, here she is!  I’m into simplicity, and it took me a while to find this gem, fingers crossed that I’ll love it!