Look at the sky, I know you’re beating my heart

March 8, 2010

Dear World,

Today was a beautiful day!  In New England, as soon as it reaches 50 degrees, it’s considered summer time, and we embrace it with our shorts and birkenstocks!  Woohoo!

Um, yeah, that speaks summers full of mountain hiking and ocean days!  So needless to say, I am having hardcore spring fever, I even drove home with my windows down and my radio on full blast.  Here comes the sun.

On a totally unrelated note, I’ve been having more and more dreams about college, especially Boston.  I’m just really happy and excited to be going to a place where I’m surrounded by city and beauty and awesomeness!  I’m going on the 27th for an accepted students day at one of the colleges I applied to there and we are getting a trolly tour of the city!  I visited it this summer, but it will be nice to see it again.  You know what I’m most excited about?  Being able to walk around the city in cute outfits like this:

and this :

Oh and I can’t wait for a quality education as well… obviously, it’s more than cute outfits on sunny days… ahem!



P.S. Before you wonder, yes, I watched the Oscars until 10:oo, yes I am sad Avatar didn’t win, yes Steve and Alec are HILARIOUS!


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