Sail on silver girl, sail on by

March 2, 2010

Dear World,

So today was actually a lot of fun!  My chamber singers group and I rode north two hours to our state’s capitol house and sang for the legislature which was a really cool experience.  We also got to get a tour of the state house, and learn about the history.

The BEST part of the entire bus ride (four hours total) was when this one obnoxious guy said, and I quote, “I AM DISGUSTED WITH YOU ALL!  YOU BETTER TAKE THE SACRED PIECE SERIOUSLY!  I CAN’T WAIT UNTIL I BECOME FAMOUS LIKE MICHAEL JACKSON AND LEAVE YOU ALL BEHIND IN THE DUST!”  It was quite perfect.  I guess we know not to have fun around him…

So all in all, it was a exhausting (I had to wake up at 5:00 a.m.), humorous, awesome experience, and I think field trips are needed more in my life!




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