This soldier knows the battle of the heart isn’t easily won

February 26, 2010

Dear World,

Today, we had no school.  For the first time in my life, it was not because of a snow day, it was because of flooding.  I have officially experienced my first RAIN DAY!  I can assure you my school has never been so excited, facebook is going crazy with witty statuses about precipitation, etc.!  Got to love it!

So what have I been spending my day doing?  Yoga, watching 16 and pregnant, eating frosted mini wheats and falling in love with Mr. Darcy again and again watching Pride and Prejudice (2005, Kiera Knightley, Matthew Mcfayden)!  Life is just too good!

Tonight I’m pulling an all-nighter with some friends as we frantically prepare our speeches and study for our academic decathlon competition tomorrow.  Oh joy.




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