Where’s the proof in you?

February 17, 2010

Dear World,

Today after an intense workout sesh I went on an out of state shopping day with my best friend and our moms.  Along with snagging some new yoga gear and a new purse and cardigan I also got Ingrid Michaelson’s new album ‘Everybody’.  She really has some of the deepest lyrics.  I feel as though I view the world in a very similar way as she.  Though she is coming to the city near me to perform, you have to be 21, and sadly, that I am not.

I think tomorrow I might be going to see Valentine’s Day with a friend.  I heard it got some great reviews, and I am a sucker for hollywood rom-coms!



P.S.  So today is ash Wednesday.  For those of you who aren’t Catholic it is basically the start of Lent where we ‘give up’ something for 40 days and nights to celebrate Jesus’ survival in the desert for that period of time.  Though I am not super religious, I always seem to participate in Lent.  This year, instead of giving up something, I am going to start doing yoga daily again.  I was on a kick this summer, and it felt so good.  Maybe this, along with my lacrosse work outs will get my body in tip top shape!


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