She was born on a Tuesday night

February 16, 2010

Dear World,

So my Valentine’s day went a little something like this:

I woke up at a beautiful time of 10:00 am and took my time showering and getting ready.  I hit up Famous Footwear with my mom and got a kick a** new pair of NIKE running shoes, that I swear make me faster.  We lunched at Panera Bread and I got a delicious chipotle chicken sandwich and broccoli soup.  I came home and promptly went to my best friends house where we watched ‘I love you, Beth Cooper, and snacked on those mini watermelon sugar candies.

It was bliss!

Today after showing up at the school only to find out our trainer is as sick as a dog, I went home and went on a nice mile and a half run before I realized my fingers were frozen and needed to be thawed.  Then my dad and I hit up the Old Port and enjoyed an afternoon of walking around the city in the sunshine and eating organic pizza at Flat Bread.  Oh oh oh!  I also got the SICKEST pair of sperry’s boat shoes from the L.L. Bean outlet.  They are plaid.  They are wonderful.

Overall, vacation has been VETTTY NIIICE!




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