I close my eyes and I count to ten

February 14, 2010

Dear World,

My February vacation has officially kicked off as of Friday afternoon.  After a school day full of winter carnival festivities (including but not limited to sumo wrestling, jousting and dodgeball) I walked out of those MHS double doors and into the life of a thrilled teen enjoying nine days of school off.  I’d like to title today as a R&R day that was filled with tea, Greys Anatomy and old Sheryl Crowe songs.  Life really doesn’t get any better than this, kids.

Tomorrow is Valentines day.  It’s funny, you either love or hate this ‘Holiday’ but for me, it’s really just a nice day.  I’ve never had ‘someone’ for Valentines day, but it’s cool.  I usually spend the day going to the movies with friends or going out to dinner with my parents.  I suppose it should be a day of dread, a sudden realization that as a seventeen year old senior in high school I have never been in a serious relationship, nor been on a date for that matter.  Yet, I’m really not too worked up about it, never have.  To be completely honest, good old MHS lacks any sort of male who catches my eye, or any guy that can keep up with me intelligently.  I don’t mean to sound like a snob, it’s just that when you are one in a few who realizes there is a whole other world out there besides this small town, it’s hard to find anyone with parallel interests.  But, I digress.  This V-day I’ll be buying running shoes for lacrosse and possibly hitting up the Old Port for some Cold Stone.  A dinner with my parents is in the works for tomorrow night as well.  Yes, kids, I am the definition of cool, please, no photos.



P.S. I am hesitant to see the new ‘Valentine’s Day’ movie as it seem a bit too cliche to see by oneself on a holiday that celebrates ‘two hearts are better than one’, but it may not stop me…


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