Friends, lovers or nothing

January 30, 2010

Dear World,

For the second Friday night in a row, I am acting like I have no social life.  I am currently drinking tea, watching The Bee movie and painting my nails a peach color that reminds me of summer.  This is bliss!

In other news, I have been listening to Corinne Bailey Rae’s new album ‘The Sea’ and it is so heart wrenchingly good!  You can tell her husband’s death let a sea full of emotions (no pun intended) through in her songs.  It’s so heart breaking to think of someone loving and losing all too fast.  Her music is so pure and truthful, and she herself is elegance and beauty.

Imma get back to my Friday night activities while they last.  I’m pretty sure I have an early morning ahead of me, so I’ll probably be hitting the hay before midnight.  I swear, I will not become a cat lady!

Oh, and I almost forgot- last night my friend Jess and I saw Hairspray the musical!  It was fantastic!  Everyone was amazing, and Mrs. Turnblat looked exactly liked the original starring Ricki Lake!  The woman who played Penny was my all time favorite, and the play has made me yearn for some saddle shoes.




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