Ne me quitte pas mon cher, ne me quitte pas

January 23, 2010

Dear World,

Alas, I have survived six out of my eight exams.  I have traveled through the wonderous world of scantrons (if you’ve used them for tests you know how hellish they can be).  My mind is a scrabbled (word?) mess as I’ve gone from studying AP Gov. to AP lit and comp (didn’t really have to study, Ms. Eyre and I have a connection) to AP Bio to Anatomy to Psychology to the dreaded pre-calc.  All that is left is french and the second half of my AP bio (essays, ugh).  French will be a breeze, J’adore francaise, et Je parle tout les jours!  The best part is we aren’t even taking a written exam, we’re presenting an essay (in french of course) and a visual of a famous french figure.  My two friends and I chose the beautiful and smart Coco Chanel.  It makes me want to see ‘Coco before Chanel’ starring the lovely Audrey Tautou, very badly!

I love senior year, I love it, but for crazies like me who take  A FULL SCHEDULE, it’s hardly a year to sleep in and procrastinate.  I still somehow manage the latter quite flawlessly.

Speaking of being an overachiever, I’m taking the SAT twos tomorrow.  While everyone else is sleeping in, I’ll be driving an hour away to take a biology and literature test.  It’s alright though, tomorrow night, my school is having an 80’s dance!  Think what you want, but the 80’s have never and will never die out!  I have a maddona-esque ensemble all picked out, and I plan on crimping my hair until it hates me!

Is it bad that while my fellow peers will be out at their ‘ragers’ my friends and I will be doing the Thriller and listening to Journey sing to our souls?  Didn’t think so…




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