Blue lips, blue veins, blue, the color of our planet from far far away

January 8, 2010

Dear World,

Today in my positive journal I wrote “Today I learned that enjoying what you have is far more rewarding than dwelling in silly possibilities!”

I suppose I have always known this, and I keep telling myself all the time.  It’s a good thing I don’t wear my emotions for everyones’ view, or my heart on my sleeve.  I’m coy, I’m good.  I told my friend and myself some advice that we both need to take; “Enjoy today, and stop thinking about what tomorrow is going to bring.  We will never get today back, and we are happy just the way we are, why on earth would we want to change that?!”

In the words of Kate Nash “I can watch a sunset on my own.”

Indeed I can Kate, indeed I can.




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