It’s hard to say what I see in you

December 14, 2009

Dear World,

I’m finally free.  I’m completely and 1oo% over him.  I don’t care if we have so much in common.  I don’t care if his smile is the sweetest thing.  I don’t even care that he has the cutest boat shoes and looks great in a Northface.  I don’t care, I’m finally over him!  I am going to find someone some day who only sees me, I’m their whole world.  Who chooses to be with me over a freshman *ahem*.  I am going to be with someone who likes me for my natural beauty and not some fourteen year old who is obsessed with Lady Gaga and fries her hair with a straightener.  I deserve so much more, I deserve the best.  Someday, I am going to find someone who doesn’t play games, who doesn’t keep me by a string, someone who can’t wait to see me everyday, but also who doesn’t get jealous when I’m friends with other guys.  Oh dear, I am so glad I am over this one!

If I can give any advice (not that I am much of a dating expert, as I have about zero experiences) I’d say this; Don’t stick around if you are second best to someone.  Don’t always be at someone’s disposal, and don’t always answer your phone.  Enjoy your senior year, and realize that there are plenty more fish in the sea.

I have a life to focus on, a senior year to enjoy, one million friends to have fun with, and college to look forward to.  I am free.




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