Someday you will find me, caught beneath the landslide, in a champagne supernova in the sky

December 11, 2009

Dear World,

Today I won an award.  Now, I hope I do not come off as conceited when I say that I win a lot of awards, but I do.  I work hard academically and athletically, as well as in my community to make other people’s lives better.  I do it because I am a human being, and because it would be selfish of me to not dedicate my time to others.  So this award I got was called DAR or Daughters of the American Revolution.  Basically, the teachers at my school nominated myself, along with two other girls and my classmates voted.  I was honored and am very excited to get this award, but of course I have a timed essay I have to write if I want to be considered for scholarship money.  Le sigh.  Oh well, a little hard work never hurt anyone right?

I suppose what I say next is going to make me seem like an even bigger geek than I’ve probably already portrayed myself but I’m going to say it: It’s Friday night, and I am at home at 5:00, already in my pajamas watching Spiderman.  Ok, let me explain myself.  I am rarely home.  After school I have sports or drama or I am running the clocks at a basketball game or doing something for NHS or girl scouts, etc. etc.  My life can be hectic and Friday nights are no better.  Tonight though, an opportunity arose: all of my friends are working, I have nothing to do, therefore, I’m taking the night off, relaxing and enjoying hot chocolate and Tobey Maguire’s face.  OK? Thanks.

Oh, by the way, there are a couple of good movies coming out that I can’t wait to see.  Oh, and also, boys are lame, I’m definitely going to be a cat lady.

Ok I was kidding about that part, but high school boys are still lame.




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