Dream, dream dream dream

December 9, 2009

Dear World,

Do you know what is better than having a snow day? Having a snow day when you are a senior, therefore you do not have to make it up.  HUZZAH!  It’s a truly beautiful concept, a right of passage, ya know?  So despite the fact that I need to finish Jane Eyre, write about a million note cards for my author study and find time to study for anatomy, this day is going to be enjoyable.  I’ve already slept in, that is enough to make me a happy little snow angel.

The thing about the snow that is falling from the sky right as I type this, is that it’s fast and they are tiny snowflakes, the cute ones, the ones that are all so anxious to splat the ground with an unknown force where they will undoubtedly be trampled underfoot by some enthusiastic child or puppy.  All the same, it’s snow, the second snowfall of the year here, and it’s beautiful.  By February, I will have changed my mind, calling it dirty and sad snow, but I will enjoy it for the time being.

I have my opinions on this snow, and I also have my opinion on Clive Owen, he is my future husband.  I’ll have to let him know.  I’m sure his wife and children won’t mind.  I’m sure the age gap (he’s old enough to be my father) won’t be noticeable.  No big deal.  His face is nice and his accent is fantastic.

I was supposed to be going on a field trip today with my AP Lit and Comp class to see A Christmas Carol, but those plans were foiled.  I guess I’m ok with it though, I’d rather be snuggled safe in my bed then taking a yellow school bus off the road, where we would be tucked into a ditch and no one would find us for three days and we’d have to decide who to eat first.  I’m only kidding, I had planned on bringing Subway…




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