I said where have you been? He said ask anything.

December 6, 2009

Dear World,

As I sit here, white hot chocolate in hand, oatmeal raisin cookie in mouth, I can’t help but love the winter time.  Sure I don’t like being cold, or stepping through wet slush, but the first snow fall is always magical, and wearing boots, leggings, scarves and mittens are my favorite.

What’s my pandora station on at the moment you ask?  Eric Hutchinson.  I’m feeling the love form him, Jack Johnson and the occasional John Mayer.  The men in my life are swoon-worthy, they really are.

I’m slowly feeling the Christmas spirit.  I fell asleep to Elf last night, and I’ve just come back from picking out a tree with the fam.  Decorating tonight + watching A Christmas Story = the perfect touch.  As we were picking out the tree, I had a thought- this is my las Christmas that I will be home to pick one out.  Next year I’ll be in college.  I didn’t say this to my mom, she would have been beaucoups  upset, her little baby, and last child headed off into the world.

Speaking of college, I’ve officially sent out all of my applications as of November 30th.  Now we wait.  I should hear back from a couple of the Boston ones soon, hopefully, please oh please!




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