take time to realize, this all could pass you by

November 13, 2009

Dear World,

I’m starting to feel my independence coming back again.  I suppose I had never lost it, but I’m really starting to itch for college, when I can truly be on my own.  I know it’s like ten months away, but small thoughts and events keep getting college triggered in my mind, and I am really excited.


Alas, I’ll enjoy my senior year you only get one (well, as long as you’re academically motivated), and I’ve already learned a lot school-wise and just life lessons in general.


Things I have Learned:

Sometimes your peers can be smarter than your math teacher, and together, you can teach eachother

AP Bio teachers with british accents and awkward ties have THE coolest stories

NEVER date in high school

NEVER date junior boys

^This may have you believing that I have dated, but I use that term loosely, trust me, I have not committing such a crime, it is just a warning as I have seen it gone badly

Make sure the teachers you want to write your recommendations aren’t scared of computers…

Ignore boys who say they want something with you in the future, but claim to have a thing with someone else, and just need to figure out their life (really? was I born yesterday?)

On that note, ignore junior boys who flirt with you endlessly (it may be cute at first, but they are babies at the end of the day)

Remember this year goes fast, so soak in things like homecoming week and school dances

I’ve learned a lot thus far, and this just being two months into the school year!




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