She’s much too sweet, and she’s always gonna be

October 26, 2009

Dear World,

Did my last blog entry seem a bit harsh and/or irrational?  I’m sorry if it did.  But I’m not sorry at the same time.


Anyway,  I have had some more time to laugh it off and reflect.  Seriously, I have always known when I meet someone amazing, I’ll know.  I want to travel with someone, meet my soul mate, and discover life.  I knew HE was not that person I’d be doing it with.  It was fun while it lasted, I must say, and though I had to dump his a** because of his unchivalrous ways and ireevecable rudeness, he did make me laugh. 


This is just a reminder to myself to be with someone who makes me feel the way I’m supposed to feel.  It had never actually FELT right.  I guess that’s part of the road I’m traveling down.  I’m learning lessons for a reason.


As I type this, I’m snuggeled up in a blanket and my feet are nestled in my slippers.  I’m listening to the Pride and Prejudice sountrack and my mind is cleared and happy.  All it takes is time, time to figure things out, laugh things off, and move the heck on.





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