I am giving up on half empty glasses

October 24, 2009

Dear World





Hm.  Ok, I’m good now.  sorry just had to laugh a bit more.  Oh gee, ain’t life funny?  People are never who you think!  A weight has lifted, I am FREE!  I am NEVER meant to be in a relationship.  Being a cat lady is my future, and I am ok with it! HAHAHHAHHAHAHA.

I may sound bitter, but I swear, I am not.  I AM SO RELIEVED!  Dear god, it feels good.

Let me ask you this: how chivalrous is it when a guy NEVER pays and then says “Oh, I won’t pay for you to go to prom.  We could just meet there and you pay for your own ticket.”


It wasn’t only that.  Sometimes being complete opposites does NOT work.  What the hell was I thinking?!  Tonight I had a great conversation with this new guy friend about The Dave Matthews Band and O.A.R.!  REAL music!  Music I love!  What the hell was I thinking?!

I am so relieved.  Now I can go back to my independent, happy self!  Oh dear god, thank you for letting me see the light.  This has been invigorating.

You know what the best part is?  I was the man and called him.  He didn’t have the guts.  My friend said it was the most subtle and emotionless break up she has ever witnessed (if that even counts as a break up, we weren’t official)!  She said there has to be something wrong with me as most girls would be all sad, slash, I am her hero because I don’t need a guy and laugh in the faces of those who treat me horribly.

I know a guy who would give his left arm to be with me.  Unfortunately I don’t feel the same about him, but still, he is chivalrous and knows how to respect a woman.

Oh dear god, I am free.




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