The way you move ain’t fair you know

October 20, 2009

Dear World,

I still laugh at the irony I have created in my life.  I, the independent and head strong girl, the “single friend” who everyone always brings along for the third wheel, the one who completely is against dating in high school, has…. a boyfriend?  I haven’t actually spoken those two words verbally, but I guess in the world of boys and girls, we are.

It’s all a bit strange still.  I am astounded that I haven’t run.  I am so convinced I am going to wake up one of these days and feel imprisoned, scratching at the metal bars of a life that unlike freedom.  Yet, I haven’t felt that way, not at all.  I wake up, and live my life, like I always have.  No sick feeling in the stomach, no regrets, just my head up looking forward to another day like I always have, except now there is a boy in the picture…

For those few of you that read my blog and have read my posts about that boy I’ve liked for two years might want to know if I got over my shyness for him and asked him out… That would be a big NO.  I will always be attracted to HIM, but now that I really think about it, I don’t know anything about who he is.  He could be a criminal for all I know (doubt it).  As for that girl that was chasing after him?  He stood her up (or whatever terminology you want to use for never answering a person when they ask you to a dance).  I have to give her credit, SHE asked HIM.  He never answered.  Not very gentlemanlike.  Oh well, I’m not judging, normally I probably would have run away too.

So this boy, that is my friend, well, he something else.  He is hilarious.  He is always making me laugh.  He’s tall.  He’s blond (who would have ever thought I’d go for a blond!), he’s a grade younger than me (I’m such a cougar).  He’s athletic, he’s goofy, he is caring.  He is different and interesting and we’re complete opposites.  He’s left handed, I’m right handed.  He likes hip hop (ughh) I like acoustic.  He likes comedies, I like horror films.  He loves modern things, I love old fashioned.  He’s a mac, I’m a PC.  I might have lied about him being a mac, I’m not actually sure about that.  You get the picture though.  We are total opposites, and I kind of think that is why we work.  There is never a dull moment with us.  And now I am going to stop talking about us like we’re an old married couple auditioning for a game show…

This is all still new.  It really is.  Whatever, we both hate defining things.  I’m having fun, he makes me laugh, life is good.




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