All around the world statues crumble for me

September 26, 2009

Dear World,

I seriously feels like forever since I have written!  I have no idea why, but only a few days away from blogging/youtube/facebook can really seem like a lot.  However, I am proud to say I do not spend a lot of time on the internet, and when I do, it’s basically, this blog and facebook creeping.  End of story.

Anyway, you know how in my previous post I talked about how life is changing?  Well, naturally it would, right?  I’m a senior, about to apply to colleges, I’m more confident then over (top of the food chain baby) and everything is just right, ya know?  Well as for the whole HIM thing, I am still more attracted to him then EVER.  Gosh two years of adoring someone from a distance can’t just turn off like a light switch!  However, sadly, I am facing reality.  We may never speak.  We may never talk.  It hurts, it stings, but I am an independent young woman, and I will live.  As for homecoming?  This is going to sounds super strange, but I think I might have a date/not really sure?  There is this kid (a junior, I always rod the cradle) and he told this other kid (that just about stalks me) that he was going to homecoming with me, so that the stalker would leave me be.  Now I think he really wants to go with me.  He is an utter goofball and always makes me laugh, but at the same time there IS something cute about him.  Who knows, it’s probably just a little crush.  So… I am not sure about the whole thing?  He’s just endlessly flirting with me, that’s all!

I think I’ve said my fill for the day, except to say that I love high school football games, and even more so winning high school football games! ❤




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