I looked at the clock when you creep in, it’s 6 a.m. and I’m alone

September 8, 2009

Dear World,

Hello, love.  How are you?  How’s the family?  Oh me?  I am doing swell thank you.  Oh, you want to hear about EVERY aspect of my life?  Well if you insist…

SCHOOL: I am slowly but surly getting used to senior year.  I can honestly say I am enjoying all of my classes and the thoughts, ideas, wonders and funny moments that come along with them.  I still don’t FEEL like a senior, but it will come with the territory soon I suppose.  For now, I ‘m enjoying my final year as a high schooler.

SOCCER: Our first game was mentally exhausting for every player, but we played with our hearts and with passion, and that to me is a game well played.  We have our first home game under the lights tomorrow, and i am super pumped!  I love my team.  I love soccer.

EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: Our first NHS meeting of the year was today.  I love being president, I love being in charge.  This year NHS wise is going to kick butt.

MY HEART: Oh, right, this vital organ that keeps me alive.  Hmm, let’s ask it.  “Oh Shea’s heart, how does it feel when you’ve like a guy for two years and there is another girl that has apparently liked him for ‘7’ years and she sits behind you in AP BIO and all she does it talk about how she is so going to win him over and she is so his?”

Shea’s heart:  It feels peachy.

I’m DON’T make enemies.  I LIKE everyone.  However, when someone knows that you like someone, and they rub it in your face (secretly) that they like him too, well it’s harsh man, harsh.  I don’t speak a peep of it to her.  I know that guys don’t matter in high school.  I know I am not THIS kind of person.  Heck, she may not even know that I heard or wasn’t doing it intentionally (yeah right).  Yet when you have like someone for a significant time (apparently it’s not as long as 7 years though) it hurts to see someone else investing so much time in this person too.  It just stinks, ya know?

I don’t really ‘invest’ my time on HIM I suppose.  I just haven’t dated or even liked a guy since I have laid my eyes upon him.  Guh, if only he wasn’t so beautifully tall and handsome and quiet in that adorable way.  If only he didn’t look so sharp in his golf uniform.  If only I could get up the nerve to talk to him…

We did have a nice staring session the other day in the halls… yes, this is what my romantic life has come to!



P.S. You know what world?  Thanks for letting me get that off my chest!  Cheers!


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