Lucky to have been where we have been

September 7, 2009

Dear World,

Today my friend Jessika and I took our senior pictures.  Here is the thing, I am totally, completely and 100% against paying hundreds of dollars for a studio to take my ‘portraits’ *shudders*.  I and in LOVE with natural, vintage and beautiful PHOTOGRAPHS.  You know, the ones that aren’t posed and fake.  The ones that have that natural gleam of sunshine as you sit in your favorite summer dress and let the wind whip through your hair.  So that is the exact kind of photos Jessika and I took today, and it was buckets of fun too!

We went to this cemetery that had porches wrapped in vines and old barns with vintage walls and chipped paint dancing on windows.  It was perfect.  It was real.  There were also benches and fences, just real nature and life (or lack thereof) surrounding it.

Then after a quick trip to Panera Bread to recharge camera batteries (and our food level)  it was off to this cute little beach where we captured ourselves chasing seagulls and lounging on drift wood.

To me, this was a perfect day.  This was a blissful day spent with a dear friend, and along the way we captured who we really are.  I want my senior pictures to embrace who I really am; natural, free-spirited and nature loving.

Today was another day of bliss.



P.S. I have nothing against anyone who has or who chooses to take studio pictures.  Most people ned up looking extraordinary.  It’s just not for me.


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