I’ll stop the world and melt with you

September 5, 2009

Dear World,

Can I please take a moment to spew my love for my soccer team?  Ok, thanks!  Today after practice, the whole team went to one of the girls’ houses and we had a huge team lunch whilst playing a random/confusing/hilarious game of pictionary, being attacked by bees while eating outside, and doing the hoedown throw down in the front yard (I infected them by teaching the amazing dance)!  Seriously, team bonding doesn’t get better than that.  Afterwards we went and cheered on the boys as they lost terribly to the defending State Champion team.  It was the perfect day, in every way.  Tomorrow we have our first game.  I am a mix of emotions but mostly exciting.

I have more on my mind but I feel like I have spewed it all before, so it would be a mess of repeats that keeps playing in my head.




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