Well I had my ways, they were all in vain

August 28, 2009

Dear World,

You know when a day just feels productive?  Today is definitely one of those days.  I had soccer pictures, soccer practice, and then as a team we cleaned up the locker rooms until they were spotless.  This year is going to be exciting.  The school as well as everyone in it has  anew attitude and a new approach to everything.  It’s the school’s 40th year, and there are so many changes.  New bleachers, new rooms, new everything.  People need to start taking pride in our school, it’s full of amazing people and great opportunities.  Go Mustangs!

Oh, and um, amidst this day of productivity I saw Him.  You know the one I ranted about in a previous post?  Yeah that one.  It has been since the end of school (two and a half months) since I have seen him and guess what?  He stills takes my breath away.  Ignore that if it make you ill.  I am not one of THOSE girls don’t worry.  I’m just a girl, with a heart who won’t agree with her head sometimes.  Still, who knows what a year could do…



P.S.  Not to be a creeper or anything but he plays golf this year instead of football.  He looks so handsome in his golf attire.  SWOON.


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