Goodbye to you, goodbye to everything that I knew

August 27, 2009

Dear World,

It’s only about 1:30 and it’s already been one of the hardest days of my life.  Today I had to say goodbye to three of my closest friends as they head off to college and leave me for my last year of high school.

The day started out with all of us going to breakfast.  It was fun and we made awkward sex jokes and crude remarks about randomness as we always do.  We then went to target so that one of my friends could get some things for her dorm and we just acted like kids- as we see our innocence and childhood slowly looming behind us in our self rear view mirrors.  We then went back to Hannaford ( a grocery store) where all of our cars were and the intention was to say goodbye.  Instead we wandered around aimlessly in the store for a good half hour, decided on buying a cheese cake and ate it together while sitting on tar in the in parking lot.  We decided to make it a tradition every time they come home, and we sat and reminisced about time and how it all seems to slip away right before your eyes.

When it was time to say goodbye there were more tears shed than I would have thought.  Even thinking about it now gets me all emotional.  These girls have been like my big sisters for my entire life, and one girl in particular is basically like family to me.  It’s weird knowing I won’t see them again until Thanksgiving.  Halloween will definitely not be the same this year, and school dances will feel so wrong.  I miss my ladies already and it’s only been about 25 minutes…



P.S. Also, an acquaintance of mine had the tragedy of her mother dying the other say.  Her mother was so sweet and worked at said grocery store.  The girl is just an acquaintance, but I sympathize for her so much.  She’s my age, and I can’t imagine loosing a parent at this young age.  Rest In Peace.


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