By the light of the moon she rubs her eyes

August 8, 2009

Dear World,
I now have two enormous, beautiful bumps/bruises on either leg. I’ll rewind a bit.

So today my friends Liz, Greg, Joe and I decided to go to the mall. After the mall we decided to go to the Old Port which is the ‘hip’ part of the city with shops and the ocean, etc. Then we randomly caught a ferry to Peak’s Island and rented bicycles and biked the entire island. It was gorgeous and riding by as the sun beamed down on the crystal waters was the true kodak moment of summer. Then, when we went to get back onto the ferry to get back to the Old Port, I tripped going up the steps, and now have two HUGE bumps on both legs, and preseason starts in less than 10 days. I am not complaining because the day was perfect, but…

Oh, we also stopped by a farm called Smiling Hill Farm. I have so many childhood memories of going there and feeding the goats and cows and buying their infamous chocolate milk and feeding the ducks out on the picture perfect pond. It was a day well spent that’s for sure, even if I know have four knees…



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