You’re everything to me

August 6, 2009

Dear World,
I think I’ve realized why I really don’t see the appeal to modern day relationships- chivalry, for the most part, is dead. I know there are gentlemen out there, and it’s not like I’m looking for someone to hold the door for me or pull out my chair, I just wish the whole genuine appeal men used to have is long gone, and it’s kind of sad. I know that no matter what, guys will be guys, and that even the Mr. Darcy’s of their days would think of a woman in ways that would make someone blush, but they were so gentle and so poised and almost standoff-ish, something I apparently like. Jane Austen created a world of almost forbidden love, something that has drawn me in so deeply.

Aside from that, I had a long phone conversation with a good friend of mine today. I never really talk on the phone- I just don’t like it, but we had a nice long conversation about summer, and how it has changed from last summer (we both have the same summer hangout and last summer met that SOMEONE and his brother, whom she had a thing with). We understand each other, and it’s good to have someone to rant to. Obviously my best friend Sara, is always there, she gets me even when I don’t make sense, but we don’t really do the phone thing, we like face to face talks more, the good old heart-to-hearts.



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