It’s fearless

July 31, 2009

Dear World,
I haven’t written in one week, ONE WEEK! For me, though I have like two followers, it’s still a lot for me. This blog is for my mine to clear all of the clutter out, and this week definitely needs some clearing. I suppose the reason it has been so long is because this past week (besides today) has actually been summer weather and I’ve been busy jet skiing, rope swinging and swimming.

I know this is my blog and no one I know personally reads this, but I am still going to be very vague about this next subject. So, tomorrow I am going to someone’s house. This someone lives in Florida but lives up here for the summer. Last year I though I really liked this someone and then I realized that I am hopeless helpless mess when it comes to relationships and I need to be single for a long time before I could ever in possibly consider showing my heart to someone else. He did not share this. He liked me, and he was gorgeous and he was perfect and any girl would kill to be with him. But my heart says no, and I always follow it, sort of kind of…

Anyways, I hope it isn’t awkward (there is going to be a whole group of us) and I am hoping we’ll enjoy the day being friends and such. I also heard he has a girl friend in college, so I don’t think I broke his heart too much!

Today I am going to a friend’s for a pool party. It doesn’t matter it is raining or gloomy out! We’re from the north, we kick it old school!



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