I believe in memories, they look so, so pretty when I sleep

July 25, 2009

Dear World,
Today and tomorrow is my church’s annual summer fair called The Funshine Fair. Crafty, eh, eh? I face painted on antsy kids for five hours today, and going back for about four more tomorrow, so wish me luck…

Though I am more of a performing artist, I must say, when it comes to painting butterflies and fowers and rainbows and… baseballs, I am KILLER. If this whole college neuroscience/pre-med thing doesn’t work out, I could always invest in a face painting career. Just saying.

Today was perfect weather, but that I mean it has been sunny. It’s sad that I have to be grateful for sun in the summer, but this summer’s weather has been pretty sad…

Oh, you know what I am addicted to? Sugar Free shortbread snackwell’s. They are DELISH, and by DELISH I mean, so yummy but you don’t know why.

Ok, I’m done here.



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