It’s my party, and I’ll cry if I want to

July 3, 2009

Dear World,
I’m officially seventeen! It’s a bit weird, like, now I feel as though time is going by way too fast! I don’t like it. But I like seventeen, it’s nice to say!  *my birthday is July 2, but it says July 3 on this post

So I spent the day in Boston with my parents (it has become a tradition since my 16th birthday) and we went to the museum of science. Seriously, I know I’m a huge geek if for my birthday, all I want to do is go and learn about science all day (I’m obsessed)! It was a lot of fun and we took the train again which is always an adventure. Seriously train stations are THE hot spot to people watch.

Anyway, I’ve compiled a list that I’ve done/seen/experienced as a sixteen year old:

1) got a car
2) got my license
3) saw my hero get elected president
4) witnessed history because of said election
5) took the SATs
6) took the ACTs
7) began finalizing what colleges I’m looking at
8 ) ruled out dating ever in high school
9) took back number 8 and now only have eyes for one guy whom I have never actually even had a conversation with (sigh)
10) watched some of my best friends graduate (tear)
11) had sushi for the first time, and fell in love with calamari
12) went out of the country for the first time (Bermuda)
13) sort of kind of maybe have found a career path I want to follow
14) realized that blowing off a guy who asks you on a date is mean (but hey, I’m bad in that department, ok?) (don’t worry, it wasn’t the guy I have eyes for)
15) have passionately fallen in love with Jodie Picoult novels
16) have decided to get a moped when I’m older
17) was elected president for my National Honor Society
18) was elected vice president of my class (second year running)
19) was elected tri-captain of my lacrosse team
20) went on a cruise ship for the first time

there is a ton that I’ve left out that I’ll think of and pinch myself for not putting in here, but it’s been a long, fun, tiring day, and I have to babysit early tomorrow!

Oh, for the birthday I received: a iPod touch! a new camera! a black and white framed photograph of the paris, a new dress, some jodie picoult books, and some new flip flops!



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