and she says “Ohh, I can’t take no more”

June 30, 2009

Dear World,
The more I think about it, the more I realize that this blog is truly the only place I reveal even remotely anything about myself on the internet.

My myspace profile reads: I’m shea, and I’m as free as a bird. It has about six pictures of me (mostly travel) and the rest is a mystery. My facebook has a lot more pictures granted, and explains a bit more about my music taste and such, but honestly and truly, this is reall yhe only place via web that I portray who I am. Naturally, I do this on purpose, because if you don’t leave some things up to mystery then people will see you as a bore and won’t want to figure it out.

That was just all in my head so I thought I’d spew it out.

Oh, I started my babysitting job today and it went rather well, even though I got my butt kicked in mario kart by a five year old! What can I say, I don’t really do video games…

This blog is becoming more and more random, but whatever, it’s mine, right?

I can’t believe I started this almost a year ago (in September) and I was all excited about Junior year. Now I’m a Senior, and it’s going to go by faster than I want it to. GAHH! jhgfghsdfhlsdjhfghsgdfhgsfhgsfljhgsdfl!



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