We’re all in this thing together

June 27, 2009

Dear World,
Bermuda was amazing!

Firstly, the cruise was a blast and we met so many cool people. We (meaning my friends Abbie, Katherine and myself) met two guys who lives just north of us who just graduated high school. They were really cool and fun to hang out with. We also met a guy who works for obama (I almost died of excitement) and a family who loves near my relatives. There was so much to do and so many cool shoes (comedy, magic, dancing singing, talent) to name a few and we were always swimming and lounging in the hot tub. At night, we would dance under the stars and it was all so perfect.

Bermuda was fantastic. All of the houses were painted pastel colors and everyone drove a moped. We got from place to place on pink buses that drove very fast and crazy, and I got a shirt that said I survived the buses! The first day we swam at snorkel cove, and the next day we drove around the islands and explored the crystal caves. The last day we went to the shops and Rachel, the adults and I went to Horse Shoe bay where the water was warm and green and there were cliffs in the ocean! The people were so nice and I got to sit next to some locals on the bus.

It was all so perfect, and though I missed my family and friends back here at home, I could have gone another week. We got accustomed to the ship and it became our second home. Abbie and I made up names for people who we saw all the time (ie; bates boy, sexy back, long-haired boy, stalker, etc.) and I feel in love with our cruise director who was british and perfect!


P.S. Here is a list of things I have learned from this trip:

1)I love people
2)I dislike people
3)Crème brûlée is disgusting
4)boys love drama and attention
5)cheese cake at 2 a.m. is love
6)ray ban shades are love
7)the game ‘I would’ is amazing and entertaining
8)some people have issues
9)mopeds are an obsession


2 Responses to “We’re all in this thing together”

  1. Anda said

    your trip sounds so amazing! traveling usually is, though. I’m glad you enjoyed yourself, although I would disagree about creme brulee ; )

    • sheashea said

      I am really becoming passionate about traveling and your blog is the coolest place to hear personal insights. Enjoy your last month and I’ll definitely be reading!

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